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Intro to Adobe spark and Freckle - St. Patrick - 1/22/20

Welcome! This workshop was designed to give you as much choice and hands-on time as possible! Instructions for today:

  1. Decide which product you want to explore first (or most!): Adobe Spark or Freckle
  2. Review the intro video, sign in, and try the activities
  3. Share your creations or reflections at
  4. Switch (or not! If you love what you're doing, stick with it)

Michael will be available for advice and questions for Freckle first and then Spark

Michael's tech tidbits!

  • Use to remove youtube suggested content and ads
  • Use Seesaw to create, share, and collect "whiteboard videos." (Actually does a lot more but isn't that enough?)

Adobe Spark

What is Spark?

Spark is 3 tools for digital communication:

  • Page: make beautiful web pages
  • Post: edit images, posters, and cards
  • Video: create and publish videos

Spark is simple, easy, and works on any device!

Signing In - With Premium Features!

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log in
  3. Click Log in with school account
  4. Click Continue with Google and use your account
  5. Review the tour

Spark Activity 1:

Make a post for one of the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" activities:

  • Reading: Make a flashcard for a vocabulary word. Include the word, definition, and an image or icon (could easily be a list of words with images) or...
  • Writing: Make a print advertisement for a new kind of candy or...
  • Math: Make a recipe card with measurements and total volume of ingredients

Share your post on today's padlet:

Spark Activity 2:

Make a video for one of the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" activities:

  • Science: Make a video about healthy eating and sugar or...
  • Writing: Make a video advertisement for a new kind of candy or...
  • Social Studies: Make a video about working conditions in the chocolate industry

Share your video on today's padlet:

Grade 4 ELA unit by Roald Dahl.pdf

Freckle Differentiation Platform

What is Freckle?

Signing in to Freckle (Student)

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the class code and student name:
    • 3rd Grade
      • Code: DREYFW
      • Students: Chris Demo, Jane Demo
    • 7th Grade
      • Code: DREYF8
      • Students: Javier Demo, Nancy Demo

Freckle Activity 1

  1. Log in as a student
  2. Pick an avatar (if needed)
  3. Pick a subject to start practicing (Math or ELA)
  4. Take a pre-test
  5. If you complete a pre-test, try an activity or assignment

Signing in to Freckle (Teacher)

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign in with Google and connect your account
  3. Set your role (teacher) and join your school

Freckle Activity 2

  1. Log in as teacher
  2. Go to the Dashboard and explore the curriculum & features
  3. Create a class and add students (you can import from Google Classroom or a spreadsheet)
  4. Try assigning an activity to your students

Exit Ticket: What do you think about Freckle?

Post on the padlet:

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