CSDO is about to launch the only Vex IQ Robotics league in the East Bay! Check out the view from our first competition!

If you want to start a team, keep reading!

Vex IQ Robotics

Our league will use the VEX IQ Robotics system. This is a great choice for our students because it is easy to use for beginners, but powerful enough for advanced engineers!

The Game

Students this year will be competing in Next Level.


We recommend that any schools that want to participate in Vex IQ robotics competition purchase the following:


The Vex IQ Curriculum is a great introduction to robotics, programming, and Vex competition. We recommend replacing the Highrise activities with Crossover.

A few presentations about Vex Robotics

Start a Vex Club or Team!
Intro to Programming Robots with Modkit
Vex IQ Robotics Workshops