Interactivity Tools

Digital tools are great for getting kids working together, gathering data, and providing instant feedback! Here are some great ones:


digital, collaborative bulletin board


if you want your class to resemble a game show, try Kahoot!

Google with Quizzes!

Collect all kinds of information, writing, opinions through Google Forms. Use the quiz functionality to make a test that automatically grades students and gives feedback


ShoutKey is the temporary url shortener that gives you a randomly chosen English word as the key for your URL. This makes it easy to share a URL in a non-electronic way, like writing it on a whiteboard.


A thousand classroom tools in one, Flippity turns a Google Spreadsheet into a random student picker, flashcards, team generator, tournament brackets, and more!


Pick a video, add voice notes, questions, and track your students' understanding.


Awesome assessment builder for creating forms or quizzes. Can convert paper assessments to digital, track student progress, and show student work live.