Mac Repairs and Equipment Recycling Vendors

Post date: Jun 16, 2011 5:11:43 PM

Hello everyone! Just some recommendations to pass along for two vendors that I am extremely pleased to have worked with this year...

ReliaTech ( services any brand computer. They also pickup e-waste and electronic recycling (including old cables and other stuff that fills up your storage areas!). Any computer you donate will be put through a rigorous 25-step process to make sure it is ready for depolyment. They are then distributed to low-income individuals, schoolchildren, churches, schools, senior centers and other

institutions in the community for re-use. If they are not ready for re-use. they will recycle it. They will clean the hard drive for you upon request, and provide documentation as to how it was cleaned. They recycle only with state-approved recyclers, so there is no overseas processing. There is a minimum of five computers for pickup of hazardous waste.

MacVolks ( is an Apple certified repair location in Concord. They also provide training, both one-on-one and groups.

If you need any of the services above, please make sure to let them know how you heard about their business. They will be happy to know the word is getting out to all the schools.