Online Professional Development

Why train online?

The courses below are part of a new initiative by the Department of Catholic Schools for delivering professional development. We hope it will make our training more timely, competency based, and effective.


By offering courses that are always open and self-paced, staff can get the training they need, when they need it. Schools can complete these courses during staff meetings, or individual teachers can do them whenever is convenient. New staff can be trained whenever they join the school, at any point in the year.

Competency Based

Most professional development is delivered and credited based on time. "You must complete X hours of training" or "we have a training on X and it will take X hours." While we will always let you know how long we think an online course will take, completion of these courses is not based on time, it is based on demonstrated knowledge.

  • If the videos are too slow for you, speed them up! (click the gear on a video and then speed)
  • If you can complete the assessments without instruction, go for it!


Teachers know that instruction can't be effective without assessment or accountability. And yet, that's how most teacher professional development is done! Each course module includes a few simple questions to ensure learning has happened.


Instructions for accessing each bootcamp course can be found below:

CSDO Online Course Catalog